Technology-assisted motor rehabilitation for people with Rett syndrome

About the project


Rett syndrome is a very rare genetic disorder that affects mainly girls. A central complaint of girls and women with Rett syndrome, in addition to cognitive deficits, is movement disorders of the hands. This leads to significant limitations in simple daily activities, such as eating independently, and reduces social participation. The severity of such impairments in purposeful hand movements, for example stereotypies such as repetitive 'hand washing' movements, can vary widely. Personalised and adaptive exercises can support the development of voluntary hand movements and the reduction of stereotypies. TeMoRett therefore follows a therapy approach that is fun and can be used at home with little effort.

Our goals

The aim of this project is to develop technical methods for entertaining exercise programmes in which small, intentional hand movements are automatically recognised and positively reinforced by reward: The technical challenge is that the range of possible movements varies greatly. In order to minimise distraction, the input technologies used must be non-intrusive. Costs must also be kept as low as possible.

The aim is to develop a video-based movement tracking system using simple cameras in combination with customised image processing and adapted learning algorithms. The goal is to robustly capture hand postures and track hand movements with high spatio-temporal accuracy.

A further core element of the project is the individually adaptable reward system (e.g. multimedia output). The level of difficulty will be adaptively increased ("shaping") depending on the performance in previous sessions.


Project results, demos and publications will be presented here as they become available.


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